vrijdag, juni 02, 2006

Using Sakai by European University: some things to do...

Following a session with colleagues from Sweden and Norway I realized that we have some special things to do in the Sakai community.

There where comments about the American way of using the gradebook that differs from the European ECTS process.
There were some details around the timeschedule (PM/AM). So maybe we can discuss this on the European Sakai meeting in Lubeck.

See for details their presentation

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  1. Good point that Marij makes. We have noticed this issue before. See for example the list that we drew up in Austin: http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=9883.
    There is also some effort underway regarding more general issues around internalization. See http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/I18N/Known+I18N+problems for this (look rather good for Sakai 2.2).