woensdag, juni 21, 2006

Making the most of 5 July

A little more than a week ago I had a very positive phone-conversation which I would love to have shared with you right away. But I was a little hesitant at that time. Sometimes you need to work out some more details before you go public with something.
Anyway: now I can go public. Here it is: Wouter de Haan (from the SURF Foundation) called me asking me if I was willing to make some steps in creating a more lively community around Sakai in The Netherlands. He asked me if I had some spare time in my schedule to act as a community manager for the Sakai Special Interest Group (SIG)? After some deliberation I said YES.
There's one disclaimer which I should share with you: SURF has a vacancy (Projectenmanager e-Framework) where the Sakai community managament might be part of, depending on the candidate that will be appointed. So my role might be just temporary.
But in the meantime I will go ahead!
So, this is one of my first tasks as Sakai Community Manager NL: this is a reminder that on July 5 we will have a next meeting within The Netherlands with all parties seriously interested in Sakai. I will be organizing this meeting, which will be held all afternoon. More details will be available next week. In the meantime I would remind those who attended on May 22 that we discussed to have short presentations of each institution on our July 5 meeting. We also would like to have a short text (in English) about your institution and Sakai.

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