vrijdag, juni 30, 2006

Sakai and Utrecht University

Yesterday, I received an email from Wilfred Rubens (Utrecht University). He would have liked to be present at our meeting next Wednesday (July 5), but unfortunately he will not be able to attend. Therefore you will find the summary of his presentation:
"Utrecht University is the only Dutch university which has implemented two virtual learning learning environments (VLE) on a large scale. At the moment there are two consortia of faculties who use WebCT Vista or BlackBoard. Nevertheless the central board of the university considered this situation as unconvenient (for the long term). Therefore in 2006 Utrecht University investigated the possibility of one virtual learning environment, implemented in September 2007. The conclusion was that, due to several developments, it is not realistic to implement one (alternative) virtual learning environment on short term. A decision to implement one VLE was posponed for two years. In the meantime the development of especially Sakai and Sharepoint will be monitored actively."
If you would like to read more on Utrecht University and Sakai, you can find the complete advisory report that lead to the abovementioned summary on the website of IVLOS (in Dutch). And Wilfred himself ofcourse has posted on this advice on his weblog (also in Dutch).

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