dinsdag, januari 29, 2008

[Dutch] Zoek je Sakai expertise?

Kijk dan op SakaiPedia: Sakai Consultants - SakaiPedia. Je zult daar informatie vinden van de kleinere bedrijven en één-pitters die zich wereldwijd met Sakai bezig houden.

vrijdag, januari 25, 2008

Share your experience with Sakai

Through an email on one of the lists, i came across this: "It is a great pleasure to send you our warmest greetings from the University of Kagoshima in Kagoshima City, Japan. We have recently launched a world-wide comparative study involving 5 of the most popular open source e-Learning platforms: MOODLE, ATUTOR, ILIAS, CLAROLINE and SAKAI".
You are kindly asked to fill in a questionnaire if you are or have been a user of any of these systems in any of three roles indicated (administrator, teacher, student). Go to
a) Survey for Administrators
b) Survey for Teachers/Instructors:
c) Survey for Students:

maandag, januari 21, 2008

How to go about with product management?

Michael Korcuska, who is the Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation, has formulated his ideas and views on product management for Sakai. Coming from a corporate background, he has some refreshing ideas that blend in nicely with the Sakai 'way of working' so far. Michael invites everyone to comment on the wiki of the Sakai Foundation.

dinsdag, januari 15, 2008

osportfolio.org for all your portfolio information!

The OSP (Open Source Portfolio) hosts a website at www.osportfolio.org. The site is getting filled as we speak. But you already can find some very useful FAQ's on the website.

maandag, januari 07, 2008

This is really cool! Really!!!

In the last couple of days I saw some emails coming by about My Sakai. This is something very cool that our colleagues have created in Cambridge.
What is My Sakai? It is a piece of software that makes it possible to view important information from your Sakai installation in Facebook, iGoogle, Google Desktop, Mac DashBoard, an RSS reader and the Vista Sidebar, so that you don't have to go into Sakai to see the newest Resources or Announcements.
Although it is still beta software (it is a so-called Contrib tool), it sounds very promising to me. Check out the Confluence space for more information.

zaterdag, januari 05, 2008

Moving on....

First of all I would like to extend my best wishes for the New Year to everyone within the Sakai community that I have met in the last 3 years. I am writing this blog post to let you know some exciting news (at least for me)!
First of all: I am not employed anymore at the University of Twente as of Jan 1, 2008. I have started my own elearning consulting business. Please update your adressbook with the details as mentioned below.
More importantly: I am still a big fan of Sakai, and will keep working within and for the Sakai community as much as I can. As a matter of fact, I am right now working with Portfolio4u on some exciting projects. This Dutch Sakai weblog will remain active, and we will keep you updated on things happening in The Netherlands.
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