donderdag, juni 30, 2011

26th - 28th September : EuroSakai 2011 “Focusing on European Adoption”

EuroSakai 2011 “Focusing on European Adoption”
26th - 28th September

Please Join Us in exciting Amsterdam

The main theme of EuroSakai 2011 is “Focusing on European Adoption”. Over the past years, Sakai has seen increased adoption by institutions and the community has grown steadily. However, the adoption of Sakai in Europe lags behind, particularly in comparison to Northern America. At the same time, higher and tertiary education in Europe are also confronted with budget constraints, and the end of many existing product licenses. A number of European institutions that had previously not considered open source software are now starting to give it serious consideration. Awareness of the benefits and flexibility of open source, and the possibility of collaborating between renowned institutions needs to be fostered in Europe. Meanwhile, policy makers such as the European Commission Digital Agenda are encouraging use of open standards and open source software. All summed up, the conference takes place at a time of great opportunities for Sakai.

In a few days more news on registration and conference details will follow

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