woensdag, februari 25, 2009

2de Sakai conferentie in Stockholm. 4-6 May 2009

Deze conferentie zal zich met name richten op praktische implementatie vragen en gebruikersvragen voor instellingen die met Sakai werken. Voor de ontwikkelaars is er een programmerscafe georganiseerd op maandag 4 mei.

Mocht er een interesse zijn om een sessie te organiseren, schroom niet en dien een voorstel in.
Meer informatie via de website

The letter of invitation:

Stockholm University is proud to invite you to the 2nd European Sakai Conference, to be held in Stockholm May 5‐6 2009. On May 4th there is also a Programmer’s café for developers that are new to Sakai.

The main focus will be at different aspects of implementation, with newcomers interested in Sakai, head of IT departments, developers and university teachers especially in mind.

The European Bologna process will serve as one base for discussions, localization of Sakai from a developer’s perspective another. Right now we see a couple of parallel tracks before us, like introduction to Sakai, implementation as well as a technical track for developers.

The location of the conference is Stockholm University main campus Frescati. We’ll start the main conference at lunchtime on May 5th, with a social event in the evening. We then continue the whole day of May 6th 2009.

The day before, on Monday May 4th, there is a workshop, a Programmer’s Café, where developers new to Sakai will get an introduction to programming Sakai, with exercises, modifications, localisation, etc. There is also a possibility to continue this workshop in the morning on Tuesday May 5th, before the actual conference starts.

You will find more information at the website

The registration is open at http://sakai.educonference.com/

Proposals are sent to the email address 2ndeurosakaiconf@mondo.su.se .

We’re looking forward to proposals on implementing Sakai, localisation,different aspects of the Bologna system, teacher experience of Sakai, etc. Importantly, mark the time, (4)‐5‐6 May 2009, in your calendar already now, since May next year may come faster than we think!

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