dinsdag, juli 01, 2008

European BOF, a short wrap up

On Tuesday morning (july 1st) participants from several European countries talked about two issues:
  • Should we organise a Sakai regional conference (and where) ?
  • What are important development issues from an european perspective?
It was quickly decided that we should have a european regional conference. The main aim of this conference should be to "spread the news". Invite newcomers and show them the potential that Sakai has as an elearning and collaboration platform. A second argument for a regional conference is the fact that universities and schools could sent more people to a local conference to exchange ideas and practices then to a place couple of thousend miles away.

The second part of the meeting we talked about different development issues that are important from a european perspective. Localisation and translation are high on that list. A very good suggestion came from our friends from Stockholm. At this moment we lack the funds and time to coordinate ethe different european efforts that are being made regarding to localisation and translation of Sakai into the different european languages. To tackle this we are going to write an proposal for the regional conference next year in which we will ask the different european sakai partners and interested universities & schools to subsidies a person to take on this task.

Last but not least we agreed that we should bring the european discussion group on confluence back to the living.

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