woensdag, januari 17, 2007

User Interaction, work in progress

In a post on this weblog Wyzte Koopal pointed out that the User Interface & experience is an important issue to address. I think Wyzte will to glad to read that User Interaction Group is working hard to collect to use cases and to discuss them with the community. People who want to read more about the ongoing User Interface work should read the UI pages on the Sakai Wiki, http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/UI/Home

During the Amsterdam Conference a full day pre-conference workshop will bring together all the members that have a sincere interest in improving the Sakai User Experience.

The U-Camp will provide an opportunity for those interested in the design and support of Sakai to meet, learn, and contribute to the future of the Sakai user experience.
This pre-conference session will include a series of workshops and presentations in the morning where participants will discuss design methodologies, accessibility, patterns, and usability. In the afternoon, we will focus on strategies for improving user delight within Sakai and finding ways to better represent user needs within the community process. (Authored by Colin Clark)

More information: http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/UI/U-Camp+Planning

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  1. I was a participant in the last U-Camp at the Atlanta conference. Highly recommended! See my post on Dec 5, 2006, at this weblog.
    But I want to (sort of) amplify Frank's message a little bit: we do not only need readers, we also need volunteers that can do some real work! This UI group should grow much bigger.

  2. I think this is really a great idea, and I posted this article to our team. I hope oncampus can support this and hopefully one of us can join this U-camp.