vrijdag, januari 05, 2007

Sakai SIG NL Feed Subscribers

Sakai SIG NL Feed Subscribers
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Since the start of this weblog, we've been using Feedburner to keep track of the usage and the users. The usage of the feed of our weblog is at 22 subscribers as of today. We are steadily on the rise here (we had 10 subscribers as of October 31, 2006).
What surprises me most (in the happy sense of the word) is that the preference for Netvibes is so huge. Personally I like Netvibes very much, and I use it regularly. Is Netvibes some sort of preference within the (would-be) Sakai community? Anyone wants to comment?

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  1. I like NetVibes very much. It provides a clear GUI which can be arranged and modified by yourself and you can visit your NetVibes from any internetcomputer in the world. It gives you a great advantage over locally installed feedreaders (I also tried FeedReader 3.0).