dinsdag, september 12, 2006

Pedagogy, education or...

During the European Sakai Days I noticed that the term pedagogy was mentioned a few times. Personally, I believe this is not the best concept to use in the Sakai context. Although it is nowadays used in a broader context, the emphasis is still on teaching children. Moreover, pedagogy includes a lot more issues about raising children from birth till they are adults. I have another reason not to prefer pedagogy instead of concepts like education, learning or didactics. In the context of education, pedagogy is most times referred to as the correct use of teaching strategies or the science of teaching, i.e. the teacher is in control. However, in the context of Sakai and the Bologna issues the focus is on learning. The educational process becomes demand driven: the student is in control of his own learning process. Collaboration and groupwork are key issues. How to organise groupwork is not a matter of pedagogy but of educational or learning design.

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  1. Robert-Jan Simons told several years ago in during his inauguration that in countries like Australia and the US 'didactics' is seen as rather instructivistic ways of teaching. 'Pedagogy'seems to be the right translation of what the Dutch call 'didactiek'.

  2. Hi Stanley,

    Pedagogy is not quite the same as Pedagogiek. Although it originally was based on the teaching of children it is now broadly used in English speaking countries to denote teaching in general.
    (see Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedagogy)
    This actually also taught me something: there is a word for teaching adults: andragogy (although it sounds extremely unconfortable and I have never heard anybody use it ;-)