donderdag, juli 20, 2006

Sakai 2.2.0 Release

"Sakai 2.2.0 marks the culmination of a significant effort to restructure the framework into more logical functional/architectural units, paving the way for multiple focused teams to work in parallel on moving the framework and legacy code forward. This release also incorporates the Open Source Portfolio suite of tools, available in this first merged effort as provisional tools. Additional functional improvements include group awareness for each of the Resources, Assignments, and Schedule tools, the inclusion of French and Catalan translations, updated help content, and the addition of four innovative provisional tools. See the release notes for more details."

(from the sakai website July 19, 2006)

More news from a Sakai-NL perspective on this new release will be posted on the blog.

Sakai 2.2.0 is available on this website:

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