donderdag, juli 13, 2006

Please register now!

Everyone is strongly advised to register him/herself as a participant for the European Sakai Day in September, so that our collegues in Lubeck can move forward with regards to catering, location, rooms, seating, wifi etc. So please Register now.
To help you decide to do so, here are some reasons:
1. There will be a very interesting batch of sessions. There are speakers from Germany, The Netherlands (of course!), Italy, the UK and Spain. There will be visitors from these countries also.... (I guess) :-)
2. Registration if FREE (but you need to book and pay for your own hotel)
3. This is your chance to get a feel of the livelyness of the (European) Sakai community
4. Lubeck is a great city
5. This is your chance to meet those faces behind those names on Collab and/or Confluence
6. There will be some folks from the US, representing the Sakai Foundation. So if you feel the need to talk to them, please register
7. We are working on some sponsors, so there even might be some FREE beer. These sponsors also would like to know how many people will attend. So: please register now!
Thanks again...

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