vrijdag, juli 24, 2009

Sakai conferentie terug zien?

Enkele weken geleden was de 10e Sakai conferentie, zoals bekend. Er is een interessant bericht verschenen van Mathieu Plourde over wat er op deze conferentie allemaal gedaan is om het één en ander te bewaren op video. Lees zijn uitgebreide bericht hierover, getiteld Anything Instructional: Citizen Journalism Follow-Up From Sakai Boston
The Sakai community builds up a lot of energy during the now annual international conference, so I took upon myself to champion the idea (people on the weekly conference call could hardly stop me from yapping... sorry about that!) of getting as much information out of the conference to the rest of the community who could not make it, including my UD colleagues. It all started with a call for volunteer Citizen Journalists about a week before the conference (..).

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