dinsdag, november 11, 2008

"The Official Sakai Handbook" is under development

From Michael Korcuska, executive director Sakai Foundation:

I'm extremely pleased to announce that first Sakai book (tentatively untitled "The Official Sakai Handbook") is under development. It will be published next year by John Wiley & Sons (a Sakai Foundation partner institution). The book is the brainchild of Alan Berg, 2008-2009 Sakai Fellow from the University of Amsterdam. I will be a co-author. All royalties from the book will go to the Sakai Foundation. We are working with Wiley to allow educational institutions to use portions of the book without paying royalties. They have been very receptive although specific language is still to be finalized.

Although Alan and I will be listed as authors on the book we are really counting on contributions from the community for much of the content. He and I will be reaching out to the community in the coming weeks and months to solicit content that we can incorporate. We appreciate your help with this exciting development.

I'd like to thank Carol Long from Wiley for her assistance during the proposal development and contracting phase. And, of course, a special thanks to Alan Berg for being the engine behind this effort!

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