maandag, februari 25, 2008

Now is the time to seriously consider Sakai!

As news about the 'win' of Blackboard over Desire2Learn pours in, the Sakai Foundation also released an official statement. Michael Korcuska writes:
"This is certainly not (..) the most important part of the ongoing patent dispute. Completely separate from the Bb-D2L lawsuit, the US Patent Office will be re-examining the validity of Blackboard’s patent. The Sakai Foundation has always believed this re-examination will be the critical activity in ensuring the patent does not have a continued deleterious affect on innovation and openness in the community. (..)
This jury verdict is not a judgment that Blackboard holds a valid patent. It is an initial verdict that D2L infringed on the Blackboard patent. As such, the verdict is not that surprising. The Sakai Foundation continues to believe that the Blackboard patent should not have been awarded in the first place. (..)
Ultimately, we believe strong participation in a community-driven effort like Sakai is the best way to control your own destiny."

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