zaterdag, januari 05, 2008

Moving on....

First of all I would like to extend my best wishes for the New Year to everyone within the Sakai community that I have met in the last 3 years. I am writing this blog post to let you know some exciting news (at least for me)!
First of all: I am not employed anymore at the University of Twente as of Jan 1, 2008. I have started my own elearning consulting business. Please update your adressbook with the details as mentioned below.
More importantly: I am still a big fan of Sakai, and will keep working within and for the Sakai community as much as I can. As a matter of fact, I am right now working with Portfolio4u on some exciting projects. This Dutch Sakai weblog will remain active, and we will keep you updated on things happening in The Netherlands.
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  1. Dear Wytze,

    Congratulations with this step in your life. Wish you all the best in your new working life!

    Best regards,

    Marcel de Leeuwe