donderdag, augustus 02, 2007

Time to start writing!!!

Through the wonders of Bloglines, I came across (again!) the weblog by Scott Wilson. He pointed me to the JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. This is a great resource! I highly recommend it. And then I read this:
"The June 2008 issue of JOLT will be a special issue, centered on the topic of next generation learning/course management systems (L/CMS). (..) new technologies present diverse ideas and opportunities for engaged e-learning (..)."
Themes that are mentioned for this special issue are (e.g.) "Open source vs commercial environments" or "Best practices in teaching within the L/CMS".
Time to get writing! The proposal deadline is Feb 29, 2008.
The Sakai community should have at least one feature article in this special issue, shouldn't we?

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