vrijdag, juli 06, 2007

What are we going to do?

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In our last meeting, on July 4, we discussed improvements we could make to the operations of the Sakai SIG NL. One of the suggestions was that we should make use of locations other than the SURFfoundation offices. Also it was suggested that, when having a meeting at a certain location, the location 'owner' would be responsible for the organisation of the meeting (e.g. inviting speakers, organise lunch etc). This also fits nicely with what we have dubbed 'distributed leadership'.
The first meeting of the next year, meeting 2.1, will most possibly be held at the University of Amsterdam. But also Saxion Hogescholen, Portfolio4U and A New Spring have offered to host a meeting in the coming year. Stay tuned for exact dates.
Please read the slide and also the meeting notes in the powerpoint presentation over at our website if you want to know all the details: http://elearning.surf.nl/sakai_en/sakai_in_nl/4566.

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