dinsdag, juni 05, 2007

New Executive Director for Sakai Foundation

John Norman, chairman of the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors, has announced today that we have a new Executive Director: "After a thorough search I am pleased to announce, on behalf of the Board of Directors, that Michael Korcuska has been named Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation, effective July 23, 2007. In this role, he will lead the Foundation's activities in developing technology, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration on behalf of the Sakai community."
Michael (link to this current position, including picture) will be present in Amsterdam, so that he can meet with the community.
See sakaiproject.org for the complete announcement.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Wytze. Not sure how I feel about that picture, though!

    I'm awaiting a Sakai Foundation email address. In the meantime, if anyone wants to reach me, my personal email is mkorcuska@yahoo.com.

    See you in Amsterdam.

  2. Michael, thanks for your response (someone is reading this, I know!).
    Will definitely try to talk to you in Amsterdam.