donderdag, mei 24, 2007

Interesting presentations, part 1

As was promised earlier on this weblog we would like to highlight some interesting presentations that will be given during the upcoming Sakai conference in Amsterdam.
In this post two promising presentations that I would like to recommend:
1. An Open-Standards-Based Collaboration and Learning Environment. The Open-CLE project is a collaboration between Rice University and IBM. It aims to develop an open-standards-based, service oriented architecture to help educational institutions loosely tie together open source applications (such as Sakai, Connexions, and D-Space). Angela Rabuch and Mustansar Mehmood will be the presenters in this session. Go check it out on Wednesday, June 13, 14.05 hrs (in room Matterhorn 1). Some more info I found is at IBM and Rice.
2. Why German universities choose Moodle instead of Sakai is a presentation by Andreas Wittke and Rolf Granow from Germany. I myself can imagine some reasons why Moodle is chosen over Sakai. But this is still a presentation worth visiting, since this will also give some insight in how the Dutch Sakai community should be move forward. I will be there on Thursday, June 14, at 14.05 hrs (Zurich 2).

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  1. Thank you for this little promotion. I hope my presentation will be fine enough for the audience. Moodle is quit big in Germany, and a lot of the decisioners here, don't know anything about SOA architecture or PHP-problems.

    But know some words to the first presentation of Rice. They had a poster session on the last Sakai Conference in Atlanta. It was really great what they implemented and this is exactly the way, I want to go. What I want to know is the usibility, the interfaces and the performance of the D-Space repository. I prefer here (at this moment) a commercial solution.

    So let's meet in Amsterdam.