woensdag, april 04, 2007

Our meeting was great fun!

Today I had a great day. This was due to the great weather (at least if you were behind windows), but even more to the great meeting we had today with the Sakai SIG NL.
The following institutions were present: University of Amsterdam, University of Twente, Free University, University of Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, Mondriaan Onderwijsgroep, Saxion University, Hotelschool The Hague and the Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen. Quite an large list, or not?
But not only that, also present were quite a few commercial parties involved in Sakai (in no particular order): Edia, Stoas, Oracle, A New Spring, Portfolio4U and Omix.
I would dare to say that Sakai is quite known in The Netherlands. The next step is that we all start using Sakai!
The concise meeting notes are available at our website. Some photos at Flickr.

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