donderdag, maart 29, 2007

Vote for Sakai!!

Please put your vote for Sakai on the Unesco website.
As you can see, Sakai is not on the top of the list, instead of that the product Olat from Switserland is number one. They placed a voting link on there website, very clever.
Indeed….also Unesco is looking seriously into Open Source Sofware.
If you want to check out more about this, visit the Unesco website about Freesoftware by clicking on the following link: etc...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Well I think OLAT is better than Sakai, thats why they are on the top on the list :-)

  2. I agree that OLAT is a very decent system. I wonder that it is not known better. As I understand it they don't have such an effective PR crew and put all the money in development. You really should check this on out as well!

  3. I found this Unesco website quite cumbersome to use.... and it seems rather outdated. But correct me if I am wrong.