donderdag, mei 11, 2006

Follow up on May 22

As mentioned on this weblog before, on May 22 there will be a followup meeting with those people and/or institutions in The Netherlands that are really interested in Sakai. Those that previously expressed their interest have received an email regarding this followup meeting with a detailed agenda. We plan on starting up a special interest group (SIG) for Sakai.

This is the agenda for our meeting on May 22:
1. Welkom en introductierondje

2. Discussiethema's:
- Wat is zinvolle samenwerking tussen instellingen?
- Welke mate en vorm van informatie-uitwisseling is nuttig?
- Welke werkvormen en taakverdeling hanteren we?

3. Europese samenwerking en lidmaatschap Sakai Foundation

4. Afspraken en vervolgstappen

5. Wat verder nog ter tafel komt (wvttk)

The meeting is open to everyone in The Netherlands that has a serious interest in Sakai. So if you haven't received the formal invitation, please make yourself known (preferably by commenting on this post, but email is also OK) and we will provide you with the full details.

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