dinsdag, april 25, 2006

Willem van Valkenburg: Sakai or not Sakai. Is that the question?

If you want to read a sort of reassuring piece (in the Dutch language) on why you should and could stick to Blackboard, I would like to point to the weblog by Willem van Valkenburg of the TU Delft. E-learn Weblog van Willem van Valkenburg: Sakai or not Sakai. Is that the question?
Let me be clear in my reaction: all the points that Willem makes, are more or less valid, at least for now (but how about the future?). I will leave you in this post with my response to the final argument of Willem. The final argument that Willem uses in 'defense' of sticking with Blackboard is that a migration to Sakai will cost a lot and will not be favored by the end-users. I think, especially in higher ed, that a lot of end-users are quite change-receptive (what about all those netgen students that will be flocking our campuses soon!). To conclude: we are planning to do pilots with Sakai next Fall, just to see what exactly the impact will be of using Sakai instead of TeleTOP. We will keep you updated!
Oh, for some facts and figures regarding the use of (and migration to) Sakai, here are some references:
1. Presentation by Unicon, one of the commercial partners in the US, held at a recent Educause conference on key succes factors for implementing Sakai.
2. A comprehensive website from the Charles Sturt University (Australia) on their endeavours in Sakai.
3. A weblog by the University of British Columbia (Canada) that is intended for end-users that are considering moving from WebCT to Sakai (great way of assisting the users!).
4. A very detailed comparison chart on Sakai 2.0.1 (named Scholar) and Blackboard 6.2 from Virginia Tech (USA).
5. The page on the wiki of the worldwide Sakai community where all information is gathered regarding migration. So far Moodle, WebCT and Blackboard are covered.

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